Successful harbour trials for OSBIT Power MaXccess System

OSBIT Power’s MaXccess (MX11/01) system has now successfully undergone harbour trials, with preparations currently under way for offshore trials. The system is a positive step in offshore wind access, maximising uptime and allowing safer and more secure personnel transfers. The trial consisted of OP installing MX11/01 on a typical transfer vessel and docking via a replica wind turbine boat landing platform. OP is now preparing for next month’s offshore trails of MX11/01, which will further demonstrate MaXccess’ ability to work safely and effectively on transfer vessels.

“The latest trial phase is further proof of MaXccess’ ability to achieve more safe, secure and predictable transfers in higher wave conditions than what has been previously possible. Working in conjunction with leading offshore transfer companies, turbine manufacturers and wind farm operators, OP has installed the first production system MX11/01 on the foredeck of a support vessel and conducted successful harbour trials.” says Managing Director Tony Trapp.

Safety was a key consideration in the design process of MaXccess. The gangway features a traffic light system to ensure that crew members only transfer when it is safe to do so. It also requires both the skipper and deck hand to confirm that conditions are suitable, before transfer can begin. The system is not tethered to the buffer tube, ensuring that in an emergency situation the skipper can immediately detach from the turbine, either by implementing MaXccess’ automatic detach function, or by simply reversing thrust on the vessel to overcome the clamping friction.

“By facilitating transfers in higher wave conditions than what has been previously possible, MaXccess ensures construction, maintenance and repair operations can continue safely when vessels using standard transfer methods would be unable to function. This is truly ‘a safe step forward in offshore access’ – a phrase we have adopted as our strap line.” said Managing Director Tony Trapp.

Tony Trapp established OP 15 months ago, with the aim of improving offshore technologies, particularly in the wind sector. Rapidly establishing a team of experienced and creative engineers, OP set out to create the ‘holy grail’ of safe, efficient and cost effective offshore access.