Subsea Trenching - Wind and Oil & Gas

Decades of leading the way

Our engineering team includes pivotal figures and pioneers in subsea engineering and control, with particular experience in subsea trenching.

We know the impact that downtime has on project margins and we minimise this by providing quality, cost-effective support with short lead-times.


Osbit engineers continue to develop subsea trenching innovations for our worldwide clients today, including:

  • Pipeline and cable ploughs
  • Mechanical trenchers
  • Jetting ROVs
  • Jetting tractors and sleds
  • Decommissioning vehicles

Modifications and upgrades

We have completed multiple upgrades on a variety of assets. Our expertise encompasses a diverse range of modifications, with previous projects including:

  • Increasing burial depth performance
  • Incorporating new product handling tools (both design and installation)
  • Modifying subsea vehicles to suit land applications

Recent Projects

  • PLP240 – design & build of new pre-lay plough
  • AMP1500 – major upgrade and new control system on existing plough
  • SCARJet – Design, build and testing of new jet trencher
  • T1 – Power & Cooling upgrade
  • T1 – Cable Handling Upgrade
  • T2 – Jetting Sword Integration
  • PT1 – Cable Handling Upgrade
  • CMR3 – Cable Handling Bellmouth