Osbit Power’s MaXccess System begins offshore trials in Norway

A thorough programme of trials to test MaXccess in offshore conditions is now underway at Statoil’s operations base at Skudeneshavn, Norway.

Siemens Wind Power and Statoil have chosen to support the trials, believing that MaXccess shows great potential to improve the safety and productivity of their projects and is ‘a safe step forwards’ in offshore access.

As offshore wind farm development continues towards more complex projects in more exposed sites, improvements in access are vital to maintain safety and productivity. Currently, lack of access due to weather causes detrimental delays to service and maintenance. Using MaXccess greatly improves the safety of personnel and maximises operational uptime.

Dr Tony Trapp established OP 18 months ago, with the aim of improving offshore technologies, particularly those related to wind. Establishing a team of experienced and creative engineers, Osbit set out to provide the ‘holy grail’ of safe, efficient and cost effective offshore access.

“There is huge need to reduce costs and increase safety in offshore wind projects,” explains Tony. “For the industry to have a viable future, the current situation has to be improved. Transferring personnel is not only one of the most hazardous activities on a wind farm, but also a major bottleneck due to the weather limits of current transfer technology. With MaXccess, Osbit has created a safer, more predictable means of transfer.”

The MaXccess system provides a stable platform from which personnel can transfer. A friction based clamp connects the vessel to one of the boat landing tubes by carefully engineered, patented, linkage geometry that holds the bow while allowing the vessel to roll, pitch and yaw freely.

Both Siemens Wind Power and Statoil have conducted a thorough review of MaXccess’ design and safety, and are now evaluating the system further in Norway. Siemens’ involvement is led by Andrew Stormonth‐Darling, Technical Project Manager at Service Offshore, while Anders Wikborg, Marine Operations Manager at Offshore Wind Energy, is leading Statoil’s involvement.

Osbit will be showcasing details of MaXccess’ development at Windpower Monthly’s Offshore Vessels and Access forum in London on the 6th March.