New engineer-led business to focus on offshore wind

Tony Trapp is pleased to announce the creation of a new business, called O-Power Limited.

O-Power (OP) will develop new technology in offshore engineering and hopes to make a significant contribution to the rapidly growing offshore wind market. OP offers concept development and analysis, right through to the supply and installation of product. It will use the resources of NE England to provide attractive and competitive engineering solutions – always aimed at improving technology.

O-Power is an independent company founded and staffed by a team of engineers. It is based in Northumberland. The creation of OP is supported by IHC Merwede, the world market leader in the construction of specialist dredging equipment and a major supplier of specialist offshore technology and vessels. IHC Merwede is based in the Netherlands, and owns IHC Engineering Business Limited (EB). Tony Trapp is non-executive chairman of EB and, with three colleagues, founded EB in 1997.

The OP team has long experience in the design and build of many kinds of offshore systems in offshore wind, wave and tidal stream, oil and gas, submarine telecom and defence. It will now apply this expertise to the development of effective and commercially realistic solutions for offshore wind.

“I am really excited to be starting this new venture with such a talented and enthusiastic group of people. We plan to rapidly expand the O-Power team with inspired and determined engineers who have, in themselves, the basic ingredients of ambition, belief and courage” says OP’s CEO Tony Trapp. “I am confident that we can develop excellent engineering solutions that can help to make a difference to offshore wind systems, improving the current technology to increase safety and reduce cost.”

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