National Apprenticeship Week: Introducing Josh

Meet Josh Aso, 24; he recently completed his training and has now joined the the company in a permanent position. Here he tells us more about how an apprenticeship with Osbit has helped to shape his career.

How long have you been with Osbit?

I joined Osbit in 2018 as part of my Foundation Degree in Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering. I completed my qualification in June 2022 and I’ve since accepted a permanent position as Draughtsperson.

What initially attracted you to an apprenticeship?

I always knew that I wanted to continue my learning whilst also gaining hands-on experience in the workplace, so an apprenticeship felt like the natural route for me to take.

Osbit stood out for me due to the flat structure of the company; this gave me confidence that my opinions and ideas would be heard. From my very first interview I found the atmosphere around the whole office was incredibly welcoming and it’s one of the things I still love about working here – the people are so positive and supportive.

What’s the the one thing you’ve enjoyed the most?

I love that I get to see the work that I do come to life. I do a lot of work on the modelling aspect of a project so to see the end result when the final kit is built is s a really rewarding process.

Can you tell us a bit about what you’re up to at the moment?

My role is incredibly varied and I can be working on multiple projects at any one time; I am just starting an exciting new project for a lifting tool so I am doing a lot of prep work around the modelling for this.

What are your career aspirations?

I know the end goal lies somewhere in Design Engineering. At the moment I’d like to continue developing my skills and gain as much experience as possible to keep progressing at Osbit.

What is your top tip to anyone looking to start an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a great starting point in your career as it opens up a lot of opportunities. I would suggest working out what it is that you enjoy and find companies that can offer this within the training. I knew early on that I had a strong interest in CAD software and design so when I found out about the apprenticeship opportunities at Osbit it felt like the perfect fit.