Safety is our priority

Our commitment to safety underpins all of our operations

We carefully consider each of our policies to safeguard the welfare of those working for, and with us.

Going forward, our objective is to uphold the highest possible standards in all practices. To see how we achieve this please download our HSEQ Policy here.

Safety Assessment Reports (SAR)

We recognise our responsibility to protect those using our equipment. To ensure that this happens, we have developed our Safety Assessment Report (SAR).

The SAR is an advanced safety management system influenced by military and space industry procedures and is created and developed throughout a project’s duration.

The report consists of a fully traceable project safety narrative, detailing our ‘design for safety’ process, and a summative document outlining key developments, risks and mitigations.


Health & Safety:

  • ISO 45001:2018 certified
  • Safety Assessment Report (SAR) provided with each project
  • ‘Design for Safety’ and ‘Safety Starts Now’ values ensure that H&S is considered throughout projects


  • Working towards ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems


  • ISO 9001 approved and Lloyds accredited
  • FPAL registered
  • Sellihca qualified