Specialist Equipment - Wind and Oil & Gas

Individual projects tailored to requirement

We understand that each project is different from the next, and one of our key strengths is producing one-off specialist equipment which incorporates state of the art technology.

Modular, PLC-based open control systems

Our systems are intuitive, safe and dependable by design. Our specialist team develops systems to fit a range of requirements in various sectors. All systems are fully documented.


  • Proven interface with CANbus, Serial, Profibus and Profinet – others available
  • Hands-off, user-friendly automation with capacitive HMI touchscreens


  • Jargon-free integrated self-diagnostics
  • Plug and play replaceable units to minimise downtime
  • Black box data logging for diagnostics and fault finding


  • Software and interlocks written to military standards and practices
  • Hardwired safety loops and relays


Test rigs

Our test rig capabilities range from complete design and supply to modification and upgrades. We can provide:

  • Specialist components for new test equipment
  • Assembly support and verification of test rigs
  • Site installation

Recent projects include:

  • Abrasion test rig to test wearability of umbilical outer sheaths over a high number of cycles
  • Subsea vehicle control cabins, as part of control system upgrades on existing vehicles
  • Birdcaging test rig for the dynamic bend testing of full scale pipe test pieces
  • Multi-station fatigue testing rig for in-house testing of stainless sheath tubes
  • Cold temperature fatigue rigs for high cycle testing of polymer samples