Offshore Access - Wind and Oil & Gas

Walk to work with safe, efficient, proven systems

We have always believed in the importance of improving transfer safety.

Our team produces both active and passive compensated walk to work access systems for a range of vessels and environments. Simple to operate and designed to increase transfer operational windows, our systems are safe, reliable and cost-effective.

Our MaXccess range is a proven access solution and we also design and build custom access systems for situations where a standard system does not fit. All systems are supported by our in-house designed control systems with monitoring, fault diagnosis and data logging.

MaXccess Product Range


Passive compensated telescopic gangway systems.

  • For jack-ups, semi-subs, moored and DP accommodation vessels
  • Typically up to 50m length – but can be longer
  • A range of pedestal options available including damped gangway foot and clamps


Active motion compensated telescopic gangway systems

  • For mid-sized DP vessels 80-140m in length
  • Typically 25m maximum length
  • Constant push mode: active motion compensation maintains tip in fixed position


High sea state transfers for wind turbine access

  • For use on catamaran crew transfer vessels – the first offshore wind transfer access system to enter commercial service
  • 12t and 18t grip capacity
  • Stabilises front of boat in relation to the landing structure

Bespoke Access

Where a standard solution isn’t available we can tailor our modular system elements to offer a bespoke design, ensuring safe and reliable access for any application.

Recent Projects

  • P-Series 32m telescoping gangway for GeoSea jack-up vessel fleet.
  • Boat landing system for GMS Endeavour jack-up vessel.
  • P-Series telescoping gangway for Seajacks Scylla jack-up vessel.
  • T-Series system for Aurora Yachts.
  • Bespoke 12m system for Van Oord to connect the HLV Svanen vessel to offshore wind farm transition pieces.
  • P-Series 35m telescoping  system for Subsea7 deployed in West Africa on Lianzi project.
  • Three bespoke 13m telescoping systems as part of a well intervention project for three new Helix chartered vessels.
  • T-Series 18t grip capacity system as part of the Fukushima offshore wind turbine project in Japan.